Michael Brubeck is an American entrepreneur, author, and financial analyst who has spent the last 15 years at the forefront of the legal cannabis industry through building companies centered around novel scientific and pharmaceutical research. As the Founder of Centuria Foods, he is perhaps best known for leading the largest global supplier of water-soluble CBD and certified organic THC remediation processing solutions. He is also widely recognized for predicting the 2019 cannabis market crash that impacted stocks and the coinciding hemp farming crisis in his best selling book, “Tipping the Scale.” 



Michael began his professional career by joining one the largest U.S. mortgage banks. After recognizing gross inefficiencies in their processes, he left and started his own federally-chartered mortgage bank at the age of 23, building a high-performing team of mortgage bankers. Three years before the economic downturn of 2008, Michael predicted the impending correction of the real estate market and exited his position before the decline began. This was the first of many correct and life-defining market predictions that Michael would make over the course of his career.

He turned his attention to cannabis and immediately recognized the potential of the state-legal but nascent industry. After visiting his first dispensary in Southern California in 2005, he again became fascinated with the gross inefficiencies that propelled the industry. Michael took over the management of that dispensary and doubled net revenue in a matter of weeks by virtually eliminating product loss and theft. He continued to replicate this work and by his late-20s, having either owned or directly managed the turnarounds of 14 dispensaries in California.

At the height of his success in the retail sector, Michael began lobbying within the state of California as cannabis laws were debated. By 2009, David Ogden and the DOJ issued formal policy guidelines at the direction of the President. These guidelines provided the missing piece of legal framework that Michael needed to pivot into flower manufacturing. Within six months, he created the first legal cannabis cultivation site in the U.S. on 44 acres, and the earliest prototype of the modern cannabis nursery.

At Centuria, Michael predicted the importance of technologies that separated THC from CBD extracts and increased the oral bioavailability of cannabinoids, over a decade before his competitors had the same realization of their importance. He has built a dedicated research and development team, which originated both solutions that are commonplace today. Centuria was also the first cannabis company to break one hundred metric tons of cannabis farming and processing annually.

Before most of the world had heard of CBD, Michael was leading global teams that were solving safety and bioavailability problems that are just now becoming critical technologies in maintaining federal compliance with the FDA and DEA. Michael has built a work culture that inspires invention and innovation and has recruited the brightest scientific minds in the cannabis space. His work has created a new industry standard for hemp testing, farming, extraction, ingredient standardization, and dietary supplement ingredient manufacturing compliance. Today, Centuria is the largest global supplier of USDA Certified Organic and water-soluble CBD ingredients, as well as scalable THC-remediation processing.